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COVID-19 UPDATE: We would like to inform all our customers that we are operational and continue to fulfil orders.


The headquarters for the Chilfen Joinery division are based in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire. We operate a 33,000 sq. ft. production facility that is fully equipped with the latest technologies. In line with our ongoing efforts to provide advanced products and services, we continually invest in the latest equipment and research new technologies to enhance and improve our production processes.

Key investments in new equipment are extremely important to us to ensure we continue to provide the best possible products. Investments in our ERP management systems and processes are also vital to ensure effective management, cost control, efficiency and design development.

ECOGATE Management System
Our ECOGATE management system offers ‘extraction on demand’. It is a controlled ventilation system that is installed on all dust creating machinery and operates only when that particular machine is in operation – reducing energy usage and keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum.

Computer Aided Beam Saw
We use a Homag beam saw coupled with a BARGSTEDT storage system. The system allows for the smooth handling of materials and provides precision cutting at greater speed no matter what the batch size is. With an integrated stock control system, it provides all round increased efficiency. View our short video to see the beam saw in action.

Edge Banding Machine
Our Homag Numerical Control edge banding machine using polyurethane (PU) glue technology allows us to apply variety of edging to any material with a high quality of finish. View a short video of our edge banding machine in action.

In-House Decorative Veneering
We can achieve the highest levels of quality through the direct control of our in-house machinery and experienced veneer application team. The team undertake bespoke veneering for all product design using many wood species. Click here to view our short video showing veneers being prepared and applied.

We can bond our own boards. Our combination of glue spreader machines and hydraulic press allows us to carry out laminating of either single element or full size sheets.

Latest CNC technology
We have the latest technology for precision shaping, drilling, jointing and producing profiles/angles thiugh our 3 axis CNC, a 5 axis CNC and a compact vertical CNC. Click here to view our short video showing our CNC machines in action.

Spray Booth & Drying Room
Our spray booth uses the latest low-pressure spraying equipment with manual spraying and hand finishing in AC, PU and water based lacquers. The dedicated drying room provides a dust free environment for fast and efficient drying and curing of products. Click here to view our short video showing the spray booth in action.

Automated Spray Machine
Our automated spray machine allows for flat panel finishing and high-volume panel processing. It is extremely fast and efficient and can provide AC, PU and water based lacquer finishes. View our short video showing our automated spray machine in action